Do you know what Homeopathy is ?

Homeopathy is bogus, harmful: Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

it is painful to hear the statement from a noble laureate like Mr Venkatraman but it is not surprising as he is a man of science and the basic rule of science is to judge any thing by nothing else but by proofs and data .Being a homoeopath such things hurt me emotionally but it is a fact that we are still unable to defend the power of potentisation of medicines the method we use to enhance the power of our medicines ,to raise the potency ,the more the power the less the substance it is difficult to convince the people who beleive on material grounds only- but it works and it works miraculously. as I hv seen in my 20 yrs practice. how can u say it a placebo effect if it makes changes in your pathological findings ,of course u can not prove it in laboratories by simply doing experiments on tissues and cells as you do wid any other crude medicine ,as with any chemical or herb as in Ayurved Allopathy or any other pathy be cause Homoeopathy is something different from other pathies it doesnot work on cells and tissues it takes the patient as a whole It is difficult to prove the results in lab .When Homoeopathy emerged there were less means for experimentation these days our people are trying to connect it wid nano theory n avogadro principle but it is all too difficult as we dont have proper means ,no funds no labs ,no supports from Govrnments everything has to be done on personal level How is it possible ? A science Laureate of the level of Mr Venkatraman must go through the philosophy of homoeopathy before saying something so insulting about such a pathy it is a tested pathy
I usually see people talking about Arsenic it is a poision should not be given as medicine as it may harm the patient ,on the other hand they say that in any homoeopathic medicine no substance is left that works to cure the patient both the facts are contradictory –isn’t it? but the greatest fact is that it works Arsenic Album AND OTHER Homoeopathic medicines work when chosen and given on the basis of similarity of symptoms, according to principles of homoeopathy
Talking about Arsenic I hv found a very trusted symptom and which never failed me in my practice period is its thirst and restlessness with its night aggravation between 12 to 2 pm thirst for cold water frequent thirst for small quantities of water with restlessness and fear of deatjh all these symptoms you will find in case of Arsenic poisioning AND trust me according to the principle of homoeopathy whereever you find this group of symptoms use it and whatever may be the disease it will never fail you and homoeopathy It is my challange to Mr venkatraman and any other person who blames homoeopathy to be a fake and placebo effect pathy try it then judge it from results .
At the end , I must say how can one say such a thing in such a world where so many things which are so common are still unknown like GOD , like DEATH you hv to go ,where and how you dont know you can prove the result that one is not alive but how he died u can’t prove It is only the result you see -can you deny that the man is dead ? SO please see the result and if –IF you ,Mr Venkatraman ;are a real science man work on it then come to any conclusion because a science man is not allowed to be prejudiced

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