Happy Birthday Dr Kent

Dr Kent  is a well known name in Homoeopathic world Today is his birthday Like Dr Hahnemann he also changed his line from allopathic system of treatment to Homoeopathic system
The reason was simple they saw the result and found it an effective line of treatment
Here is a short summary—
James Tyler Kent was born in Wood hull, New York, on March 31, 1849.  After completing two undergraduate degrees by the age of 21, Kent undertook two postgraduate courses, at the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio.  At 26 years of age he set up practice as an eclectic physician in St Louis, Missouri and soon became a distinguished member of the Eclectic National Medical Association. He was a staunch Baptist. Kent’s first wife, Ellen, had died at 19 years of age, shortly after their marriage.  In 1928, Kent’s second wife, Lucy, became ill.She was treated by both orthodox and eclectic physicians, her condition continued to deteriorate and she was bedridden for months. Under ridicule and opposition from Kent, the homoeopathic physician, Dr Richard Phelan was called. Following his prescription, she made a dramatic recovery. As a result, Kent changed his allegiance from eclecticism to homoeopathy. He considered homoeopathy to be the only therapy that was guided by laws and principles and the only one to address the fundamental cause of illness.
     He then became a careful student of Hahnemann’s Organon and other works of the new school, with result in his complete conversion to homoeopathy, his resignation from the Eclectic Medical Association in 1879 and his appointment to the chair of Anatomy in the Homoeopathic Medical College of Missouri, which he held from 1881 until 1883,
He was appointed professor of Materia Medica at the Homœopathic Medical College of St Louis, Missouri, from 1883 until 1888, became professor of Materia Medica and Dean of the Post-Graduates’ School of Homœopathy at the Hahnemann Medical College (Philadelphia) and occupied the chair of professor of Materia Medica at the Hering Medical College and Hospital, Chicago.

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