A case of assumed appendicicitis

I just remember a case of a child 12 yrs old who visited the clinic with the complaint of pain in right inguinal region, off and on ,ranging from mild to severe.from 6 months.
He was under allopathic treatment and was diagnosed to be suffering from appendicitis as he had tenderness arond Mcburney’s point although the ultra sound of abdomen was not showing it .Under the medication pain subsided but later it returned again
He was advised to have an ultra sound once again,as the guardians belonged to a low income group they preferred to go with homoeopathy and visited the govt hospital where I was posted.
The pain symptoms of the boy were like this
Whenever the Pain appears it comes suddenly , sensitive to touch,and makes the movement almost impossible, backward bending gives small relief
Always accompanied with nausea but no vomiting ,lower abdomen bloated
belching gives small relief ,constipated.
Lycopodium was the first medicine that struck the mind for the symptoms
Right sided ,lower abdomen,bloated,relieved by belching and constipation
But first of all  I  gave Belladona 200 in 3 repeated doses just to subside the signs of inflammation  and tenderness
And advised them to revisit when the pain comes again , they returned after 15 days just to inform that the pain appeared once with little intensity
Belladona 1M in 2 devided doses was given along with one dose of Lycopodium 1M to be taken if the pain does not appear for a month
They did so ,it is 6 months now ,They visited twice in between for follow up.
No pain and tenderness reported if this is not a cure by Homoeopathy then what is it?
I must inform that in some cases inflamed Appendix does not appear in the ultrasound reports depending on its position and the lower income group can not afford frequent tests .Surgery of course is the solution at last. But it is the last option  ,why not give a try to Homoeopathy first and believe me in the hands of an experienced Homoeopath you won’t have to return for surgery.

There are some more tips..

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