Acid Nitric

In bleeding piles,ulcers,mouth ulcers,felonsand what not…..

In a long practice period I hv found this medicine very helpful in cases not only above mentioned but in any case where this splinter like pain is present,,ulcers with serrated edges thin and offensive discharges ,the special site for Acid Nitric to act is at the joint of skin and mucous memberane

Bleeding tendency is very prominent in this medicine.hence haemorrhagic conditions where it is active bleeding bright and profuse .Bleeding profuse in menses.haemmorrhoids or piles Epistaxis or nose bleeding,inshort bleeding anywhere that is of the given character and with splinter like pain fits in the sphere.

Splinter like pain in throat

Skull constricted like a tape

Teeth as if elongatedand would fall out

In felons it works superb as the pain is splinter like ,mostly and it is at the junction of skin and mucous memberane

Splinters running through carbuncles

In general characterisation of a patient of this medicine some important points to note are

Strong desire for fat and salt,sensitive to cold,depressed,indifferent and intollerant of sympathyand sensitive to noise ,pain,touch and jerks.

Its symptoms become worse in wind,thunder and getting wet.

There are some more tips..

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