Genus epidemicus

​Variolinum 200 is the single medicine generally we use for prophylaxis in cases of Pox for very long time.

The one idea I use in such cases when a case of Active Pox comes to me is based on the idea of Genus Epidemicus .I use to take the symptoms of the case like fever symptoms ,types of rashes ,burning ,itching ,thirst etc drowsiness  or restlessness n then prescribe accordingly n I find it helpful for prophylaxis too.I hv not kept the track record but I think I should ,as I found that none of the cases reported back with disease symptoms but I hv instances where family members come back wid disease symptoms where I just cut down my labour by just routine prescription of Variolinum 200 .

Try it ,if it appeals you ..just a suggestion for sake of Homoeopathy.

There are some more tips..

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