Online Consultation

Those who want to receive prescription- Please have a look at the questionnaire and the procedure for consultation. Once you finalize that you want to undergo treatment, fill up the questionnaire and submit it to us. Once the payment is received, their answers will be thoroughly processed by doctor herself and a good prescription will be prepared and send to the concerned email address. The prescription will include all details of buying and taking the medicines.

Those who want to receive their medication at their doorstep by courier also have to follow same procedure, except that they will have to wait for the medication to arrive. (Will not take more than 3-7 days in India )

For patients abroad, same procedure is followed and they have to wait for the medicine, as the shipping time will be different at different localities.

Please contact us for details.

How to pay?
For the convenience of people from different backgrounds, we have arranged different modes of payment methods. Please contact us for details.

Important note: Please get a confirmation mail by us before doing the payments.

Kindly reach out to us at with all your questions in great detail so that we will be able to reply back to you precisely.

All the questions will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

Along with our reply, we will send you a questionnaire. This is the most crucial step before proceeding to prescribing accurate homeopathic remedy to you. This questionnaire will contain all the necessary questions we will need to know regarding your health and disease condition. Kindly fill in all the details precisely and send us back.

This is followed by prescription that will be sent online to the concerned email address. If you have asked for medicines by courier, same will be prepared by experts and will be couriered to you immediately.

You can contact us for any health query too.

Thank you for your cooperation! Your suggestions are important to us. We ride on the road of excellence because of your valuable suggestions. Feel free to write to us at contact